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diamond wire saw blade mainly used for cutting granite, marble,  concrete, reinforced concrete, steel or metal structures, buildings, Bridges, shipwrecks, cables, etc. The string body string bead adopts Korea high quality diamond, cobalt powder and other precise matching ratio, with 40 beads per meter. Vulcanization and sintering of imported wire rope (imported from Belgium) by rubber and spring fixation. High quality, high cost performance, use effect ahead of other similar products.

<a href= target=_blank class=infotextkey>diamond wire saw blade</a> for <a href= target=_blank class=infotextkey>Granite quarrying</a>
For granite quarrying

Mainly used in quarrying different types of granite, sandstone materials,also can be used in granite and sandstone block squaring.

diamond wire saw for <a href= target=_blank class=infotextkey>Marble quarrying</a>
For marble quarrying
Mainly used in quarrying different types of marble materials,also can be used in mable block squaring.

For reinforced concrete

Mainly ased in cutting reinforced conerete other steel strueture and teartng down house,road,bridge and other baildings.
Bead dia.(mm) Model Fixed by Beads/m Remark Cutting material Line speed(m/s) Efficiency(㎡/h) Life time(㎡/m)
Φ10.5 GH1 Rubber + Spring 40 Sintered beads Normal concrete 20-28 2-5 2-7
Φ11 GH2 Rubber + Spring 40 Sintered beads Hard reinforced concrete 18-25 0.8-2 1-2.5
Φ11.5 GH3 Rubber + Spring 40 Sintered beads Steels/metal structure 16-22 0.5-1 0.5-1.2


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