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Warmly celebrate Kanghua won the second prize of 2019 China Creator Competition

Published time:2019-07-19 15:59:03

2019 China Creator SME Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Guangxi Guilin Branch Start

In order to further create a good atmosphere for innovation and entrepreneurship, accurately assess the potential of contestants' projects, do a good job in entrepreneurship services, and provide pre-match counseling, select high-quality projects for the Guangxi Region, on the morning of July 16, 2019 China Creator SME Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Guangxi Guilin Branch Start in the Olympic Park.


“Volkswagen Entrepreneurship and Innovation” is a major strategy put forward by the country based on the needs of transformational development and stimulating innovation potential. The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China stated that innovation is the first driving force for development and the strategic support for building a modern economic system. The report repeatedly mentions technology and emphasizes innovation. These two keywords are in line with this competition. It can also be said that the “Creator China” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition conforms to the trend and is the perfect presentation of the national “double innovation” strategy.


The competition was jointly organized by the Autonomous Region's Industrial and Commercial Department and the Autonomous Region Finance Department. It was co-sponsored by Guilin Industrial and Information Technology Bureau and Guilin Municipal Finance Bureau. It was co-organized by Guilin SME Service Center and Guilin Aochuangyuan Venture Management Co., Ltd. Deputy Director of the Small and Medium Enterprise Department of the Industrial and Information Technology Department of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Mr. Zhang Mingyuan, Director of the Small and Medium Enterprise Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Mo Guocai, Deputy Director of Guilin Industrial and Information Technology Bureau, Guilin Municipal Finance Bureau Wang Li, Chief of Industrial Transportation, Wu Guanwen, Head of Small and Medium Enterprise, Guilin Industrial and Information Technology Bureau, Wang Xilin, Director of Guilin SME Service Center, Long Haibo, Deputy Director of Guilin SME Service Center, Guilin Aohuang, Guangxi Juhui Investment Group Director Tan Lihua of the Park, Zhao Yanling, General Manager of Guilin Aochuang Park, Guangxi Juhui Investment Group, Niu Chunguang, Partner of Zhangmu Shanghai Investment Co., Ltd., Tang Zhongliang, General Manager of Lingui Zhengyuan Business Information Consulting Co., Ltd., General Manager of Guilin Smart Valley Shuangchuang Base Du Yu, general manager of Nanning Ketai Technology Information Consulting Co., Ltd. Yang Yushan attended the competition.


Comrade Mo Guocai, deputy director of the Guilin Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, said in his speech before the competition: "All the time, the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and the Finance Bureau have closely focused on the development of Guilin's industry, creating a 'double creation' atmosphere and jointly creating small and medium-sized enterprises. Micro-enterprise and Maker provide a platform for exchange display, integration of production and integration, and project incubation. The 'Creator China' SME Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition has also become a brand activity for entrepreneurs in various sectors of the society in recent years, and promoted the comprehensive exploration of the city. And cultivate a group of excellent projects and excellent teams, and promote new products, new technologies, new models and new formats. I hope to further optimize the entrepreneurial environment of the city through this competition, create a good entrepreneurial atmosphere, and improve the professionalism and level of SMEs. Promote the transformation, upgrading and growth of small and medium-sized enterprises into a special "new giant" enterprise, and promote the collaborative innovation and development of large and medium-sized enterprises. It is also hoped that through the joint efforts of the players, this year's competition will be turned into a representative of all walks of life to exchange entrepreneurial experiences. Learning from each other to improve the skills of the training ground, showing the city's contemporary enterprise innovation talent and entrepreneurial style of the big stage "

Fang Dongfang, deputy director of the Small and Medium Enterprise Department of the Industrial and Information Technology Department of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, said: "In this competition, we aim to create an atmosphere that encourages innovation and supports entrepreneurship in the whole society by organizing events. The call of “Many Innovations” strives to inspire the creative potential and entrepreneurial abilities of people from all walks of life to help the success of the cause and make greater contributions to the realization of the “Chinese Dream.” After a lot of publicity and mobilization work in the early stage, Enterprises, universities and the community are actively participating in this competition. We look forward to all of us working together to make the torch of the Entrepreneurship Competition shine in every corner with more dazzling brilliance."

Since its inception, the competition has received support from various government departments, industrial parks and incubators. By the end of June 30, the registration has ended, attracting 48 projects including enterprises and makers. After the initial review, 30 projects were selected for today's Guilin. The competition includes high-tech, education, medical social, Internet and other fields.

The competition was divided into two groups, the enterprise group and the maker group, which were held in two different venues at the same time. The competition adopts the "5+3" roadshow mode. Each group of players has a 5-minute ppt roadshow time and a 3-minute judge's question time. The Guilin Division will compete for the first, second and third prizes and the Excellence Awards, and will be awarded a certificate of honor. At the same time, the enterprises that have won the Guilin Division will be recommended to the autonomous region, representing Guilin to compete in the Guangxi Division.

Mr. Mo Zhoufu, Marketing Director of Kanghua, is responsible for the roadshow of the China Creator Guilin Branch


Road show details

Kanghua Power-Saving Master advantage:

· 55KW power-saving master wire saw machine cutting current is 70A, power consumption is 35 degrees / hour, saving more than 20%.

·Integrated sealed bearing, service life of more than 2 years

·Double operating system, no need to stop production waiting for rescue

· 2 data lines, bus control, communication transmission, low failure rate

·Double-supported rotary reducer, the power head never sag

Power-Saving Master feature:

Kanghua Power-Saving Master Wire Saw Machine has the characteristics of energy saving, long service life, simple operation, low failure rate and convenient maintenance.


Team introduction

Kanghua Technology is a technology company dedicated to the design, development, production, sales and after-sales service of diamond wire saws.

Kanghua and Guilin University of Electronic Technology have cooperated with schools and enterprises, and their participation has greatly enhanced our research and development capabilities. This gives us full confidence and good reason to do the rope sawing machine project.

Kanghua has an independent equipment R & D team, wire saw R & D team, sales management team.

The company's entire team consists of university professors, experts in the mines, 211 key university graduates, local college graduates, and many years of experience in the manufacturing and manufacturing of the machinery industry. We have young people who are chasing dreams, and we have mature and mature experts. We are a trustworthy team


In 2018, Kanghua became the first wire saw enterprise in the industry to receive the CCT report.


In the end, Kanghua won the second prize in the Guilin Division of the “Creator Competition”, only 0.66 points away from the first place.