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Diamond Wire Saw MachineDiamond Wire Saw MachineDiamond Wire Saw Machine
Stone Cutting Machine Introduction:

    The stone cutting machine cutting area for marble is 10-16 m²per hour, and for granite, it is 8-12 m²per hour. The stone cutting machine wire saw linear speed ranges from 0 to 40m per second. And maximum wire saw length can be 150m, which guarantees cutting efficiency and area. This stone cutting machine is very easy to understand and operate, there are only several buttons in the control panel. 

Stone Cutting Machine Features:

      With the high quality diamond wire, Guilin Kanghua stone cutting machine can be used to cut various kinds of stones, such as marble, granite. Guilin Kanghua fifty generation stone cutting machine is equipped with double-inverter control, which has set up a landmark in diamond wire saw machine field. With the help of inverter, the cutting speed and feeding speed can be controlled automatically, which does not need operator to be always at the side of stone cutting machine.
     The stone cutting machine has a rail which can guarantee the machine can work even in slope position, avoiding the risk of sliding. The stone cutting machine can do ground level cutting and parallel cutting with maximum width 2200 mm without moving the machine.

Stone Cutting Machine


Stone Cutting Machine Clients:


Diamond Wire Saw Machine
Stone Cutting Machine Advantages:

1)  Slewing Reducer with Double Support--Power Head Never Moves Down;
2)  Integral Sealed Bearing--More than 2 years Working Life;
3)  Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine--More Powerful and High Torque;
4)  Screen Display Control System--Lower Failure Rate and Easier Operation;
5) Dual Operation System--Guarantee No Breakdown and Continuous Production;
6) Integral Lifting Lug--Safe Hoisting;
7)  Thicker Steel Plate--Strong and Durable;
8)  Automatic Cutting--Higher Cutting Efficiency and Effect;
9)  Inching Function--Convenient to Find the Wire Saw Connector;
10)  Automatically stop when cutting is almost completed--Manual control will work after automatic cutting stops;

Stone Cutting Machine Video:

Stone Cutting Machine

Technical Parameter of Stone Cutting Machine:

  PSM37 PSM45 PSM55 PSM75
System power(KW) 41 49 59 79
Mainmotor power(KW) 37 45 55 75
Main flywheel diameter(CM) 700 800 800 800
Wire saw speed(M/S) 0-40 0-40 0-40 0-40
Max. wire saw length(M) 20-80 20-100 20-120 20-150
Walking motor power(KW) 0.75 0.75 1.1 1.5
Rotation angle 360 360 360 360
Walking speed of machine(m/h) 0-40 0-40 0-40 0-40
Rail length 2MX3 2MX4 2MX4 2MX4
Allowed working temperature -15~+40 -15~+40 -15~+40 -15~+40
Net weight(KG) 2200 2300 2600 3300
Dimension(CM) 185X120X130 185X120X130 185X120X130 200X130X135
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