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2019 New Year's first foreign trade, wire saw machine exported to Morocco,in Africa

Published time:2019-01-14

Farewell to busy 2018, we won a brand new 2019. New Year's good news, Kanghua rope saw machine in early January to conclude an order for export to Morocco.

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Two sets wire saw machine are sent to Guizhou Province

Published time:2018-10-30

Kanghua's speed deliveryZeng Zong of Duyun, Guizhou, knows Kanghua through the network. After further contact with us, Kanghua sent technicians and business

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Regular customer from Guizhou, buy 2 set machines again

Published time:2018-06-04

Mr.Zhang is a regular customer. He bought a wire saw machine from us last year. The machine is so great that he said. He decided to add 2 machines this year.Cu

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2 set wire saw machine will be sent to Vietnam soon

Published time:2018-05-29

It is now summer and the climate has become hot.However, our business has not been deserted by the heat of the summer.For two full months, our workers are worki

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2 sets LKH55-8 to Hunan

Published time:2018-05-10

Because the machines produced every day were bought immediately,Mr. Jiang from Hunan Province has already waited at the factory for two days in order to purchas

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2 Sets wire saw machine to Henan province

Published time:2018-05-08

Kanghuas fourth-generation wire saw machines have been in short supply since 2018.Our workers work overtime every night. Customers couldn't wait and we

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2 sets wire saw machine to Yunnan

Published time:2018-05-04

Orders have continued to rise this year.The workers have to work overtime every night. 2 set wire saw machine to YunNan today.

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1 set LKH45-8 to Hubei province

Published time:2018-05-02

1 set lkh-8p 45kw to HuBei province

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To Guangdong LKH45-8

Published time:2018-04-30

This is an order from Guangdong Province.The customer heard from the friend that KH's wire saw machine was very good. Specifically came to visit from Guangd

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Two sets machines are purchased by agent in Hunan

Published time:2018-04-27

Workers are carrying two machines to the truck. "LKH-6P 55kw" and "LKH-8P 45KW". They will be sent to Hunan. This order comes from our Hunan agent.

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One set LKH45-6 to Shandong

Published time:2018-04-27

Diamond Wire Saw machine LKH-6P 45KW is packed. It will be sent to Shandong this afternoon.

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One set LKH55-8 machines are purchased by agent in Guangxi

Published time:2018-04-25

The machines purchased by the agents in Guangxi have already been packed and ready for shipment.

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LKH55-8 Orders from Shandong are shipped

Published time:2018-04-24

This order is for two machines,LKH-8P 55KW.

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